Monday, June 28, 2010

The Perfect Day

It's almost 10pm, friends and family have left, and the house is almost back in order. We're still amaized at the turnout for the funeral for Baby Jack. When were driving back from the Dr. in Omaha (right after we found out), at first we thought just a private family cerrmony. Then a week or so goes by, and the word starts to spread about Baby Jack and his condition. Then we got thinking, we could have an open service at the church, we both have a fairly large extended family that was going to arrive. So we decided on that.

While writing in the blog, I have Youtube on as well. We've really been infuenced by the more contempory style of christian music and so far I've added quite a few of them to the blog. So as the songs play over and over, the words sink in and really start to hit home. I told Sarah, these are powerful songs, songs that hopefully our children and friends will remember through the years.

We had the casket open an hour before the service. As we were greeting people, the line of friends coming in, never slowed down. Even after we left to have the "family meeting" in the church basement, more came in.

When we walked up the center aisle, we were just in awe. We were both touched to see so many friends there to support us todaym and Today was NOT and easy day, but seeing friends and family gathered, singing, praying for Baby Jack was most comforting.

weeks prior we attended a church in Denison. We had asked our friend Brad (who happens to be their praise leader) if he could sing at Baby Jacks funeral. He graciously accepted. When we started going over the songs, we brainstormed a bit and added a guitar and 2 more vocals.

Brad and his group led the congregation in Singing "I Will Rise" then after the verses, they led us again in singing "Give Me Jesus". An Excellent and very touching sermon was ready by Pastor Ernst, Brad then sang solo "Homesick" by Mercy Me, followed by prayer and comcluded with everyone singing "Jesus Loves Me". Sarah and I would like to thank Brad and his freinds again for what they did. They music was SOOO beautiful, and I know we'll be singing them for a long time to come. Thanks again you guys, you made it special for us and Jack.

We carried the casket to our suburban and headed towards the cemetary. I was still in awe over what had just happened. We headed towards our cemetary. It was nice to see that a majority of the cars we met, pull of to the side and stop while the procession passes by. At the cemetary after the commital, we had blue balloons that we had handed out at the church to everyone with slips of paper attached to write a note to Baby Jack. On the count of 3, close to 100 balloons were released and everyone watched as the caught the west breeze and slowly lifted towards heaven.

My grandpa Lundell used to be the grave digger at our church cemetary, so I asked if we could dig our own too. Our wish was granted and on the previous Saturday afternoon, myself, Sarah, Jonathan, my dad, uncle Vance, brother Brain and his girlfriend
Lisa, spent a couple hours digging Baby Jacks grave. Some asked why?, I dont' really know why we did, It seemed small, was small but deep, 4' down to be exact. We did it with spades, shovels and Jonathan running the backhoe. I don't know why we did, it was just something that I wanted to do and everyone else chipped in to help. We cut the sod, to install back on top and scooped all the dirt to the loader bucket. After we were finished, we then took the tractor and loader, back to the shed to keep the dirt dry to place back on top, in case of rain, and good thing we did, Sat night we got close to 3" of rain.

After the balloon release, Anyone that wanted to leave could return to the farm for fellowship and food. Hardly anyone left. It was then announced that anyone who wished could take a shovelful of dirt to be placed back in the grave. Still no one left. Most stayed with us and we slowly shovel by shovel filled the tiny grave full. I was moved. I'm sure Baby Jack is looking down thinking, "wow, all this for me?"
Was it right or wrong, I don't know, it was however a time that we got to spend together for him and will always remember being a part of it.
I've got to end this here tonight. It's taken 2 hours to type this, lots of kleenex, and I hear Jonathan crying. More later and hopefully pictures soon


  1. That is so beautiful, the service sounds amazing. What a great thing to be able to give part of yourself for the grave digging, that will remain a special memory for you forever. Praying that the days and weeks to come are peaceful for your family.

  2. It was right because it was what you wanted. That's all that matters. It sounds like a beautiful service. I love the song Give Me Jesus.

  3. The music sounds like it was very powerful. Praying for you today and in the days to come.

    Melissa & Amelia
    Omaha, NE

  4. Sounds perfect! And just like Holly said, it is perfect because it is what YOU wanted, we had a motto that was "we make the rules" Which meant it didn't matter what anyone else would do, it was what WE wanted to do and that is all that mattered. Thinking and praying for you, I know the first few weeks were the toughest for me.