Sunday, August 15, 2010

another song

Before Baby Jack was born we didn't listen to much christian music on the radio. A good friend was involved with getting a repeater tower near Kiron for KGBI out of Omaha. Once in a while we'd turn to it and listen for a little while and then on to the next station. Then just a couple years ago my brother started going to a Church in Alta,IA that had a contemporary style service. When ever I'd ride with him more than likely the radio was on 104.9 KGBI. After we found out about Baby Jack, we found ourselves tuning in more as well, the songs reassuring our faith and the promise someday.

Fast forward to last thursday I had the radio on in the shop and they played a new song "Amen" by Sean Keith from Omaha, NE. Heard it again that night, then did some looking on you tube and found it. What an inspiring song.

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