Monday, August 2, 2010

more thoughts

For the last few days I've been wanting to sit down and write for a while on Baby Jack's blog, and tonight I got home early enough to take some time to do it. Days seem to come and go, but not a one goes by where we don't think of Baby Jack. At night when we tuck Jonathan in and he says his prayers, it's so touching to hear him talk to his little brother. It's different every time, but in general the same ideas. Here's a bit of what he says.

" Oh baby Jack, we love you, we miss you, but we know Jesus needs you up in heaven, Oh Baby Jack, we wish you were here with us, but we know you're safe and watching over us, Oh Baby Jack, we know Jesus made you all better and oh we love you Baby Jack. Amen"

Aunt Val told them last week to be watching the mail for something to arrive for them. Val told Sarah that she got them their own book about Baby Jack. She had made them on shutterfly and we found out that they were going ot delivered today. When they came, they were so excited that they each had their own book with their little brother in it.



  1. What a wonderful idea! They will treasure that forever! You all are in our continued prayers! The Olsens

  2. Love the book and that they each got one!

  3. How sweet and thoughtful. Now they each have one :) and I love Jonathan's prayers about Jack, very touching and truly amazing how much he thinks of him. I know that means a lot. I love when the kids talk and remember Lilly.