Monday, May 10, 2010

Being prepared

As we near week 30 there are things that have to be done before Jack arrives. Being his time here will be shorter than most, we've started to plan ahead for whats to come. On the way back from the Dr. in Omaha we made a call to our funeral home director. Not the call I was wanting to make, but it had to be done. Last week our pastor stopped by, one of the items we discussed was having him baptised right after he's delivered, (to us that is very important that he become a child of God's). After church on Sunday, we stopped by the cemetary and saw the place where he'll be buried, next to Brad's Grandma and Grandpa Lundell. When we returned home we started going over the music selection. We're hopfully going to try a more contemporary style service (if pastor allows)There are allot of newer songs that we both like (quite a few are on our music list as the bottom of the page). On Friday we talked to the photographer and she was gracious to be able to take pics as soon as Jack arrives.

One issue that gets talked about is whether to carry to full term or not. It's a decision that's hard to live with either way. We found out the diagnosis at 28 weeks. For us weather it was 28 or 16, either way, we gave him life and was not going to take it away from him. Both of our other 2 children where delivered naturally and we've decided to have Jack this way as well, unless an emergency c section is needed for Sarah's sake. It appears the chances for his survival may be a little less, but it's a chance we're going to take, there have been success stories with this way as well.

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