Friday, May 7, 2010

The baby's room

When our first two children were born, we lived in an older story and a half farm house. It was old, but kinda fixed up (ok it was an old house with fresh paint and carpet). The main BR was on the mail level and 2 BR upstairs. Before kids, we had the upstairs blocked off to keep the heat down. When we found out we were expeting our first, with help of friends and family, we tore off the old plaster and insulated and redid the upstairs for our kids. When they were born, we kept them in a bassenet in our room for a while. Then when it was time for the crib upstairs they went to their own room. Up and down, up and down, they were narrow and kinda steep steps in the old house, but 100's and 100's of trips up and down the steps, sometime's 1/2 asleep in the middle of the night bringing a bottle up to feed them.

Almost 2 years ago, we made the decision that instead of fixing up the rest of the house and adding on (it needed everything but the upstairs) to build a new one. We have 3 BR in the basement and 2 on the main level. One is the Master and the other is to be the new baby's room, right next to ours. We had the glider, recliner, baby swing all ready for the new arrival. Sarah has been saying that I need to get the crib put up, cause the due dates getting closer (I'm thinking I still got 2 months).
Now we have a room with no crib that is longing for the smell of a dirty diaper, or the cries of a hungry baby. We hope and pray someday it will get to have those things.

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