Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time to think

Last night was a late night, or some call it an early morning. We feed turkeys for Sara Lee Foods, and our birds were scheduled to be delivered last night. My service person is always there to do the unloading and looks over the birds to make sure they arrive ok. I'm there to assist him. The first truck came at 9pm (they move them from the brooder to the finisher (me) at night so they stay calm). The trucks arrive every 30 minutes, and it takes about 12 truck of birds to fill the barns. So there is time to think and ponder in between loads. Last night I was thinking how having the ability to connect with freinds and strangers (through the internet) has helped us understand what anencephaly is and we have found websites and blogs with others that are in the same situation. We've chatted with people from Maine to California and everywhere in between. Even the shortest notes that someone leaves, the kind words of support, either by email or on a chat board, or just a phone call, can make a difference.

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