Monday, May 31, 2010

Dr. appointment on Friday

Well to bring everyone up to speed. Friday we had a Dr. appointment in Omaha to see how things are progressing. Appointment was at 10, finally got in at 10:30, (that drives me nuts) started the ultrasound, evidently Jack didn't want ot be filmed, cause he was head down and couldn't get any decent pics, but everything seemed good, except due to the anencephaly there was more amniotic fluid than normal, but nothing to be concerned about yet. When they started the ultrasound a lady in her 50-60's came in and started talking to us about procedures when he arrives (evidently noone told here that we're going to have him in Denison), we were trying to watch the ultrasound and she's blabbing and blabbing, we tell here that we're trying to give her hints that we're kiinda "occupied" at the moment. Finally she either got the hint or was done and left, (I was thinking--How Rude to come in during, couldn't it wait till after? Anyway, got back home didn't find out anything new. we have an appointment back there in 4 wks, but I have a feeling Jack may arrive sooner. Sometimes I think they schedule plenty of appointments so they can pay for thier new hospital from the insurance companies.

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  1. That was rude for her to come in during the middle of the scan.