Friday, May 14, 2010

Update from this morning

It appears that hopefully Jack was taking a long and much needed nap. I came back to the house mid morning to check on Sarah and she seemed allot better. She could feel him moving around again. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Even though we know what the outcome is, (then there's always the chace of a miracle)when you feel him kick and move, he's alive.


  1. I am a Grandmother (Nana) of a child of Anencephaly. It is so unfair that our little babies have to endure this fatal defect. My heart goes to you....It has been 10 months since our little one was born-lived for a GLORIOUS 22 hours- and then passed away. She was beautiful. I commend you for carrying your precious little Jack to term. I would never belittle someone who chose differently, but from have held them, looked at them, felt them and was able to bond in our hearts...I will never forget her....never ever ever. She is real and she lives with the Lord now and she is the most precious angel one could ever imagine! God Speed to you and your family.
    Nana Lori

  2. Our thoughts & prayers are with you & your entire family. I am deeply saddened to hear that you & your family will have to endure something so painful. Hugs to you & your entire family! Mark & Amy Forbes