Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm sure some of you know, this blog is being written from a dad's point of view. After we found out the diagnosis of Jack, it was hard for Sarah to put her thought into words. We had searched google and found links to some blogs and I really liked the idea. We've learned allot from them and hope ours can be helpful to others.

A week ago Wednesday we had a Dr. appointment to go over the progress. (I know it was over a week ago, but as a farmer, on rainy days I can spend more time during the day on the computer, but when the storms pass and it get dry again, the back to the fields to plant the crops.)
Everything seemed to be ok with Sarah and the Baby. We decided to plan on having the baby in Denison, vs. Omaha. Both of our families and freinds are closer around home. We'd like to thank Holly for the idea of a birth plan. We used yours are an outline and modified it to fit us. Our Dr. had nver heard of one before and really liked the idea. We've got family pictures tomorrow. Our photographer is the same one that'll take pictures when Jack arrives.

We've started to think about the funeral. We've got an idea to included more modern and contemporary christian songs. We were at a freinds funeral this spring and we sang the song "Give me Jesus". We really liked it and the message that it sends. It's one of those songs that is simple, yet a powerful message, it'll be one of the songs. (Thanks Gus)


  1. I think you will be happy with your choice to deliver close to home. I know we were. We also used Holly's idea to use a birth plan, it was nice to have it all in one place, for the nurses and doctors to know what your needs and wants are.

  2. Oh---and Danika did such a great job with our family pictures and Jillian's pictures...I am so glad she will be taking yours as well!

  3. Thanks Jodi, she did an awesome job with Jillian. She makes the pictures feel soft, warm and comforting, considering the situation.

  4. Jillian's pics are awesome so I know you will be so happy with how they turn out! I'm glad you used my birth plan to help make your own. It really does help plan out for the birth and makes things easier on everyone.

    I love that song by Jeremy Camp. It is simple and beautiful.