Friday, June 25, 2010

Being thankful

After Jack was born, and we got settled in the room, I thought how thankful we really are. You may ask, how can someone be thankful at a time like this? We knew the outcome was fatal.
We're thankful that we were able to concieve him. We all know couples that either can't have children or have problems and risks associated with it. They need to be in our prayers that hopefully someday their prayers may be answered.

We're thankful that we had time to prepare for him to enter and exit this world so soon. Just the other day, a friend in a local town died of a heart attack. I'm sure friends and family have questions that will go unanswered. Even though we don't and probably won't know what caused his anenecephaly, we were able to understand what it is, and prepare ourselves mentally for his arrival.

We're thankful for the friends and family that we have.


  1. It's amazing how this experience makes us so much more thankful for what we have and who we have in our lives. Jack is a doll!
    I'm so sorry you guys have to walk down this road, I will say extra prayers for the days and weeks ahead!

  2. Thinking of your family at this time. He is beautiful!

  3. I understand that thankfulness so much!! He is a beautiful little boy!