Friday, June 25, 2010

Time to fill the gaps

Well, we're back home, a little empty handed but that we knew. Our journey yesterday started by arriving at the hospital at 7:30AM. We got checked in and headed to the delivery room. Sarah got in her gown and they started her on citotek (sp?). It's a pill that contains the hormones to dialate the cervix. Since Jack has allready passed, it was time for him to be out to prevent Sarah from an infection and him from deteriating. They started them around 8:30AM, by noon, she was at a 2.By then Sarah's sister in law Valerie was there to help us with anyting we needed. Another dose was givin shortly after. I was hoping he would've arrived by now, but it takes time and that we had. Our Photographer (Danika) was gracious enough to take the whole day off and await our call to phototgraph Jack.

So, that afternoon we all ended up taking naps in the delivery room. At 5:30, Doc arrived again and by then Sarah was dilated to a 4, and enough time has passed so another dose was givin. Some friends stop by to check on Sarah, after they had left, I left to get a light snack for the 3 of us. We sat around (Sarah was pretty content with here slushy) and watched some tv, then at 8, Doc returned to check and some small contractions were starting. He thought it's going to be soon. Sarah's mom (Judy) and Jonathan arrived, and as we were looking at the new baby in the nursery, one of the nurses hollered my name, and said (It's Time!) I rushed back to the delivery room, and Val was on one side and I onthe other, and Sarah started to push.
It took about 5 pushes and Out he came. WOW, I couldn't hardley believe it, HE's here.

He was covered in baby goo, but precious. He had 2 perfect hands, 10 perfect fingers, 10 perfect toes, eyes, ears, a nose and mouth like Ally's (his older sister) blond hair, blue eyes. Other than his anencephaly, he was perfect.
The labor was so quick, that had he been living, we're sure he'd had survived it.

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  1. He sounds perfect, I hope you guys had all the time with him that you wanted before having to go home. Keeping you in my prayers!