Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday's Story

There's not a day that goes by that we don't talk, pray, and thing about Baby Jack. We were at a tractor pull on Labor Day weekend and a friend and his wife were there with us and their little boy was their with them. He would've been the same age as Baby Jack. How we were wishing he was here. As I look back, I remember after finding out that we were expecting, I thought he'll be a few months old and be able to take his first combine ride this fall.

About 4 wks ago, I was talking to a friend (Zane) about the song I heard (Amen) and that the fellow that wrote and sang it, it a worship leader at Trinity Church in Omaha. Turns out the fellow who help start the church, was one of the pastors that my dad and his buddies used to go to back in the day in downtown Omaha. Zane mentioned that we should visit sometime. 2 wks later on a Sunday morning, myself and 3 other guys left for Omaha. When we arrived at the church we were a bit early, so we had a roll in the fellowship hall and I noticed Sean Keith off to the side. We went over and introduced ourselves, and visited for a bit. (We had chatted before on facebook).

One of the songs that was sung during the service was "Our deliver" which was wrtten by Sean, cought my attention, it was a song that everyone was singing with with all their heart.
Here are the Lyrics.
He will come for us

As we walk through pain on earth
Today and all this hurt
Can't compare to Heaven's worth
You are good, You are good
Is the song that we'll sing
When we can't understand
All the suff’ring we see

He will wipe away every tear

And we will say

Our Deliverer has come
War is over, death is done
Our Deliverer has come
And now we sing of better days

He will come for us
Bringing Heaven's peace to earth
The trials of life will cease
His creation will be free
On that day He returns
Every tongue will confess
Jesus Christ is the Lord
He's the first and the last
Then He will wipe away every tear
And we will say

When we walk through Heaven's door
Sin will be no more
When we walk through Heaven's door
Pain will be no more
When we walk through Heaven's door
Death will be no more
When we walk through Heaven's door
We'll be alive!

About a week later his new CD showed up in the mail. What a great CD. The songs are inspiring, and truthful. Thanks Sean!!

Some my ask why all the songs and lyrics, well we're working on a project and details to come later as we see how it turns out.

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